IQ option

IQ Option is a trading platform which enables you to begin your journey as a trader; you can start practicing on a demo account, and as you learn, continue trading with real funds. If you are looking to trade options they are probably your best bet.

They are fully regulated by CySec and CONSOB with all of the regular trader protections that you would expect. It has been developed from the ground up by a range of traders and developers. Charts, indicators, price alerts, calendars, and videos are all standard with IQ trading.

What separates IQ from other trading competitors?

iqIQ option uses a very good software that is available for most systems. You can download the software for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. If you prefer to trade on a handheld unit then you can chose to trade on any Android or iOS phone.

  • The demo account starts with 1000$, and you can freely use it even without depositing any money, and you can top it up back to 1000$ for free.
  • You need to deposit at-least $10 to be able to start trading using real money. This is the lowest across the whole industry and very few brokers offer such an incentive.
  • IQ Option can cover up to 7000$ for each call/put option for each deadline, which is one minute. There is a maximum of 7000$ people can put or call for each minute. If too many call or put, you may not be able to do it yourself because the value would exceed 7k.
  • Video Training Resources – IQ Option offers 16 video tutorials. The tutorials are available to all traders and can help you become a more successful trader. There are available for free. This brokers do all that they can to help you become a more successful trader.
  • Corporate Blog – IQ option run a very informative blog. On the blog they post information about the company, important business news and guides that can help you become a better trader.
  • Economic Calendar – on it you can find information on major financial events and their effect on the markets.
  • Constant Customer Support – you can reach the support team of IQ Option twenty four hours a day, via live chat and e-mail


IQ option works hard to guarantee that all traders are secure and that your money is always protected.

Review of IQ’s Withdraw options 

IQ Option already accepts deposits from multiple countries worldwide and it has been in the business for long enough to be considered reliable. As of now, there have been no complaints from any sources or traders on the withdraw process.

IQ Option is regulated by CySEC, This means that they need to follow certain rules. One of these rules is that they need to verify withdraws manually before they can send you the money. IQ Option say they need up to three days for processing your withdrawal, in reality most requests are processed within 24 hours.